International Students

Midwestern International Student Program

足球买球app’s warm, welcoming environment makes it a perfect place for international students to begin or continue their college education, 结识新朋友, and explore life in the United States.

International Students Admission Requirements/Processes

This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students.

International Freshman Application (PDF)
International 转移应用程序 (PDF)


DOCUMENTS AND PROCEDURES – Applicants from foreign countries must file the following credentials with the 招生办公室 by April 1 for Fall semester and by September 1 for Spring semester:

  1. A completed 足球买球app Application for Undergraduate Admission
  2. An official copy of the original transcript(s) of all high school and/or college work (an English translation of the original transcript(s) is required).
  3. 所有 applicants from non-English speaking schools must submit the results of the “Test of English as a Foreign Language” (TOEFL). An official copy of the test scores must be sent to 足球买球app by the Educational Testing Service, 普林斯顿大学, NJ 08541 (足球买球app’s institutional code is 1645). 一般, scores of 500 for undergraduate and 550 for graduate are acceptable evidence of a student’s ability to study successfully in an English-speaking environment. If the student has taken either the ACT or SAT, those official scores should also be submitted. If the student has not taken either the ACT or SAT, a 500-word writing sample using a 足球买球app-provided prompt is required. We’ll accept an internet-based score of 61 for undergrad, and 79 for graduate.
  4. A $1,200 enrollment fee.
  5. A 财务报表 (certified) attesting to the ability of the student to meet all University costs including books, 住宅费用, and health insurance must be notarized and have appropriate signatures.

After the student has been accepted by 足球买球app and we have received notarized documentation of financial support, 足球买球app will issue the Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant (F-1) Student Status (I-20), which is necessary to obtain a visa from an American Embassy to enter and study in the United States. A certified check payable in U.S. dollars covering the total semester cost for tuition, 费用, 房间, 董事会, and health insurance must be received in the 招生办公室 by August 1 for Fall semester and December 15 for Spring semester.

所有 international students are required to participate in a health insurance program. 在到达时, international students must understand that because of varying educational standards, they are subject to examination and evaluation at the discretion of University officials to assure proper placement in classes.

Please mail all correspondence and required information to:

昆西,伊利诺伊州62301-2699 U.S.A

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Maintaining Your Student Status

作为一个 international student, you are subject to immigration laws imposed by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). You must keep your basic documents valid. If you entered the United States as a student, you must maintain that status by enrolling in a minimum number of credit hours (12 hours for undergraduate students and 9 hours for graduate students). Failure to maintain status will result in a loss of all F-1 benefits and may provide the INS grounds to begin deportation proceedings.


On-campus employment may be an option for students with an F-1 visa if jobs are available. The Office of 人力资源 maintains a list of on-campus jobs available to students. 了解更多.


217-228-5432,分机. 3405

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